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March 27, 2011



The earthquake was terrible. x±x

It shook also in Saitama Prefecture Tokorozawa.
However, I did not notice it was ignorant on the way.
Is this dizziness?^±^
Still, I thought Meniere's disease because I had kept shaking.

By the way, it thinks whether I will also make the blog from English.

Though Korean is made. ^±^


Korean understands easily and is easy comparatively near Japanese. ^±^


I want to live in a foreign country somedays.

So I started to practice to use English on my blog.

I've just applyed the service, "otonanoeigo".

I enjoyed reading your blog and found it very useful to learn daily English for me.

Then, may I add your blog to bookmark on my blog?

I can't tell whether it is link-free or not.

I'm looking forward to your comment:)


My site is totally "link free" from non-SPAM sites.


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Now I feel sputid. That's cleared it up for me

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