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January 23, 2009



It was not as inspiring as I expected, but I thought Obama's speech was a rejection of Bush's policies without coming right out and saying so. Even though he did not make a direct apology, I hope it will come through in his actions in the next few years.


except the part about building more nuclaer plants. Nuclear plant make me nervous because of the possibility of radioactive leaks. Even though the experts say it is safe and the possibility of leaks and terrorist attacks is slight, any amount of possibility is too much. Also, the first energy crisis in recent history was in the early 1970s during the Nixon administration. That is when the speed limit was dropped to 55mph. Some in Government are calling for a lowering of the speed limit again. Remember the song I can't drive 55 That's how I feel about that.


Beautiful! Can't wait to show my son, Alex, who is terribly shy and in a power chair. He will be eenirntg Highschool next year. Love your optimism & thanks for sharing!!

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