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June 22, 2008



I frankly admit that I am not a native speaker. I even admit that I make simple mistakes in writing. With saying that, I think there might be something little different or odd in your writing.

I know this is not an essay for publication but a blog. But frankly, contraction somewhat detracts my attention. Also, I am not sure if native speakers consider paper as a tool. To me, it is more of a medium, but I could be wrong. Moreover, a frequent change of the subject (we-> I -> you) is equally detracting. If you replace "you" with "I" and write how to use the tool as your own experience, it would be much easier for readers to understand. Maybe harsh, but that is what I think.


> Kentaki

Thanks for your advice about my writing. I'm running a native correction service and you can read the corrected version of my blog on the following page. (In the service, my Canadian friend corrects our English articles.)



It's like you're on a msiison to save me time and money!

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