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May 24, 2008



Did you like the taste? I think because we farm beef but can't with whales is the difference. The population of whales are dwindling because of pollution and hunting.


Hello Thomas and family. as with many folk who left their cnmmeots, you have been on my mind and I too am really glad to hear from you and know that your'e ok. I trust all your family and friends are too. We were all shocked at the news, and a very good friend of mine who is from NZ, was totally devastated. Our thoughts are certainly with you all.I remember that article you wrote!! wow! so he must have something there. have the NZ authorities taken note of this? I wonder how often this happens, the combination of the whale beachings and eartquakes? Certainly worth investigating the link.Again Thomas, I am grateful that you are ok. all the very best for the recovery period.RegardsCindy

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