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March 17, 2008



It is amazing that chinese has similar culture too.
Long ago Chinese believes that there was a magical peach tree that grew on on Mount Tu Shuo. It was so big that its branches spread for miles around. The branches that spread toward the north-east formed the Door of the Spirits through which millions of souls past after they died. Two guards, Shen Shu and Yu Lei were assigned to guard this entrance. Those who had been evil during their lives were instructed by the Jade Emperor to be caught, bound and thrown to the tigers.

The names Shen Shu and Yu Lei from the ancient legend were later changed to Ch'in Shu-pao and Hu Ching-te during the Tang Dynasty. Once guardians of the entrance to the spirit world, the door gods were gradually assigned to warding off evil spirits in the homes of earthly beings. Today, pictures or statues of the door gods can be found guarding the entrances to Chinese homes,temples, restaurants and stores.


> Fred

I found the picture of "Shen Shu and Yu Lei" - http://mythology.ourgardenpath.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/chinesedoorgods.jpg

As you mentioned, they are very similar!

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