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July 03, 2007



I think I know what you mean. The Internet is a real good thing but somehow it has deprived us of romanticism that seemed associated with some of the things we used to do, like listening to the shortwave radio.


"I corrected a lot of so called verification cards"

You don't make many mistakes anymore, but that's one. The word you want is "collected." I know they probably sound exactly the the same to your ears. Perhaps you can think of having a List of your coLLection. But you coRRect something to make it Right.

I continue to enjoy your blog even when it's not about airplanes. You give us perfect bite-sized pieces of your life.


> Aviatrix

I don't intend to make an excuse, but I knew the differece between CORRECT and COLLECT... and I made the same mistake. It's so difficult to distinguish R and L that we Japanese always have to take care of it. When we lose the power of concentration, we make this kind of mistake again. English is really difficult.

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