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January 02, 2007



The first day of 2007 has begun with a smell of menthol. I caught a cold from my friend a few days ago. It has been getting worse day by day. I barely catch a cold, but once I catch it it takes a long time before a full recovery. As my nose was terribly stopped up and my throat was so sore, I finally went to a drugstore at midnight of New Year's Eve to buy some medicine. This medicine is the first medicine I was prescribed when I was a little child. Other medicines could have been prescribed before that, but I don't remember at all. I think the strange sound of the name might have impressed my infant brain. I think this VapoRub is simply great because it has been produced and used for decades all over the world. It's a real standard item for me. Thanks to rubs of this ointment on my chest and throat, I feel better now. I've decided to live on my bed all day long today. My body wants enough rest and nutrition, and I have no objection to it.

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