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August 18, 2006



I mean come on what do you expect with cnomemts like thy his a stubborn man and Courtney is this and that. Fuck that shit there is a reason the head case gOt deported from Cyprus how ever meny times it was and it's not because he is all there in the head it's because he is totally and utterly messed up. Who are you Pinar family wasn't it you don't even no this girl but you do no about how he was in Cyprus so wake up it's not Courtney who is this and that it's him all him he is the one that kept going back to Cyprus he is the one that decied to stave himself for all of a day and he is the one that has decied to take some poxy shitty boat out to sea with no paper work ect I mean come on hardly the doings of someone who is sane especially when he doesn't even know her lool

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