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July 23, 2006



seize = grab
cease = stop

The sounds are close, but seize has a slightly longer vowel, and the z-sound is voiced. The s-sound in cease is unvoiced.

We do say that an engine can "seize" and that does mean it stops, but the word points towards the fact that the cylinders grab and hold the pistons. You wouldn't say that an engine seized if you ran out of fuel and the engine was still free to turn.

I still enjoy your blog every time I read it. I was in Vancouver a little while ago. Have you been to the new restaurant on Davie, called 1215? I'd be very interested to know what you think of it.


> Aviatrix

Thanks for your correction of my misuse of words. I could remember the new word "seize."

I went to 1215 on Davie a few months ago with my Japanese friend. To tell the truth, the taste was too strong for us Japanese, though the chef was Japanese. He seemed to arrange his dishes fit to more and more Vancouverian. I thought the restaurat was not a Japanese but a kind of fusion.


That's exactly what they advertised it as, a fusion. I enjoyed it and so did my non-Japanese Vancouver friend, so I guess they did what they intended to.

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