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June 18, 2006



I know this site lastweek, and I'm deeply absorbed in reading it.
Each diaries are very interesting, and not so difficult to read.
I would like to improve my English trough this site.

I know blueberries are good for eyes, but I did'nt know that spinach is also good.(Spinach is almighty food, isn't it?)
In addition, tofu is very healthy and popular, so this mixed drink you considered must be excellent for bodies not only for eyes.

I'm wondering the taste. I imagin the taste is so thick and natural.
Did you add some seasonings?
Did it taste good???

I think that most important thing of this drink is freshness. Fresh spinach and tofu will deside the taste a lot! Ratio is very important, too!!!


> y.coo

Thanks for your comment to my blog. The best receipe that I found after several trial is as follows.(Serves 1)

A handful of green spinach
blueberries:3-4 tbsp
banana:1 (medium size)
soy beverage (with Vanilla flavor):1/2 cup

The spinach doesn't smell and doesn't taste bitter at all. It adds just the green color with a lot of nutritive value.

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