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May 24, 2006



I was in Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka and Hiroshima in April and it rained for 9 days straight... I saw the sun very briefly in Hiroshima. My daughter stayed another week and she said it rained almost the whole week also.Japan is a very beautiful place even in the rain.


I came here through the magazine
called AERA English 7.
I am Japanese,too.
Nice to meet you.

We are confused in May of this year.It has been rainy day like June.So we have my car washed,it is almost of no meaning!

The broadcast say,We are soon in TUYU.
We will endure to wet and rainy days for a while.


> 92

Thanks for your comments to my blog. Sure I remember I had an interview but I've not read the magazine yet, because I'm now in Vancouver. How do I look? I hear you have more rain this year than the average. Good luck for the coming rainy season.

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