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May 27, 2006



Today is a rainy day, too in Tokyo.
I feel a little blue.
I could have have my car washed
in detail.
I am afraid that the muggy weather have been continued to Winter.

To attach iPod in one's car is
familiar with us.
I want try to do this!

I have a old secand-hand car,
I always have trouble,but I am not interested in recent cars contorolled the electric devices.
So,I keep having a old car against the heavy tax for a old car.

By the way,you donnot have and see
your magazine yet?
If possible,I will send you the magazine.

I felt you very splendid and smart
when I read the magazine.
I bought the magazine,and wrote the comments on your blog.

My English skill is not still good,
but I am going to master the
English to increse chances,
that is to say,
I can speak to someone is different from the cultural founds and the way of thinking affected his societies'habits
,and I want to
be the stretch of the range of the
thinking like Relatism.

Thank you.

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