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April 20, 2006


Dentist Garland

Great dentist you have. :)


I would just take two 500mg aspirin (that's kind to the stcoamh), every five or six hours, and then I'd rub tea tree oil onto my gums. You can get tea tree oil at a health food store get a good brand it's not expensive at all. Not only does it numb the pain so you can tolerate it, it also heals the tissues. Don't drink the stuff just rub it into your sore gums real good, maybe in the morning, and for sure before you go to bed. It tastes pretty bad but after awhile you won't mind. It can numb your tongue, too, by the way. I've also made a paste of tea tree oil and charcoal, and just before bed, I packed it around my gums. The charcoal will draw out infection, and the tea tree oil numbs and heals. They may have other ideas for you at the health food store. I know the aspirin, or whatever you use, Tylenol, whatever, will help, too. I sure hope you feel better, soon..my heart goes out to you, hon.

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