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January 19, 2006



That's not a Racoon!!! It's a skunk! Skunks can spray a really bad odour on you if you get too close, Racoons are the ones with the ringed tails and the masks around their eyes. You have to be careful if a skunk lifts it's tail into the air and turns it's backside to you, because that is when they are getting ready to spay!


> ripper

Thank you for your correction. I was lucky not to get too close. Sure he didn't have a ringed tail, but he was as big as a racoon. I thought a skunk is in the same size of a squirrel.


how are you?


Since it's a skunk, you should be especially worried about it getting hit by a car. What a stink!


When I stayed in a small city near Chicago, I awoke to abnormal odor in the night.
The housemaster in the house where I stayed said "it's skunk", but the skunk was outside in the house, but it smelled from garret to kitchen!
If it shoot a fairy, you must be fall in a faint. Don't approach it, ;-)


It makes me smile to know that you got that close to a skunk, not knowing that it was a skunk! Most wildlife is shy, but skunks and porcupines can be quite bold, because they have confidence in their protection.

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