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December 15, 2005



I received a letter from St. Paul's Hospital asking for a donation. They are now in financial difficulties and raising contributions, but I'm afraid I can't help them. Three years ago, soon after I came to Vancouver, I fell hard on my hips while rollerblading. I hit my back and twisted my left arm. As it was so painful I ran into this hospital at midnight. The hospitality I received there was terrible. I had to wait almost for an hour at the reception room without doing anything, though there were no other patients. What I had to do at first was fill a form and pay money. I was charged more than $400, and all the care I got there was taking X-ray pictures and wrapping the wrist with a dressing. Although the charge was covered by my insurance, I haven't liked this hospital since then, and these illuminations look like only an affectation.

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