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December 07, 2005



Today I was lost in the sky while navigation training. To do a good navigation, we need to catch the set heading point and the check point in the sky, however the whole ground was covered with snow today and I couldn't find either of them. It was terrible because the two points are essential and without even one of them no one can calculate the ground speed and the estimated arrival time of the destination. I hope the same thing won't happen on my real flight test. Anyway, the scenery covered with snow was beautiful enough to compensate for my failure a little. I hope to get the license this year, but it seems to be getting harder because of lots of problems. I don't want to talk about the details here but there are some problems which I can't manage by myself. I wonder why I have to take flight lessons for so many hours.


Don't be discouraged!

I can guess that one reason why it is taking a little longer than some people is that you have to think and understand in English all the time, so it makes you tired and more likely to make silly errors. I can tell from your blog that you are intelligent enough and careful enough to get a pilot licence. If you are striving to do as well in the airplane as you do with your photographs, you should have a good result on your flight test, when you are ready.

I am cheering for you to get your licence. But I will be a little bit disappointed when you finish your training, because that will probably mean that you will go back to Japan and stop blogging about Canada.


> Aviatrix

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your encouraging words. You are pretty right. My concentration is disturbed by radio calls in English and some other procedures to be done in the stressful environment. I really think it important to keep all the time "Aviation, Navigation, and Communication." Anyways, I'm thinking about coming back to Vancouver after getting the license and temporarily going back to Japan.

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