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December 04, 2005



As you know, iTMS(iTunes Music Store) is the most successful and the only successful music download service operated by Apple computer. We can now get almost any songs whenever we like through the Internet. Most of the songs are priced at less than $1.00 per song which I think is reasonable. Once we download song data, we can play it on our PC, iPod, or CD. We can copy the song data into iPod or CD-ROM as many times as we like, however the copyable count from one PC to another PC is limited to up to 5 times. It was the only problem for me because I worried about what could happen if I changed or updated my PC more than 5 times. My main note PC is now affected by a so called "spyware" and I'm thinking about reinstalling it, but if I reinstall it do I have to consume the iTunes counter? If so and if I do such a re-installation 5 more times, will I still be able to enjoy all the music data? It was my fear, which I found was utterly groundless when I looked into the structure of iTunes DRM(Digital Rights Management). It was better designed than I had expected, that is, when we copy the music data from the old PC to the new PC, we can "de-authorize" the old PC to rewind the counter and if we had broken or lost the old PC before the de-authorization we can de-authorize the PC and re-authorize another PC up to 5 times. Therefore, we can own the music data forever. What a reasonable and well designed system!

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