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December 14, 2005



I miss Chrismas decoration in Seattle....
This season, many houses must be decorated beautifully.


Instead, our deep-colored eyes can see vivid colors under the summer sun, without sunglasses. :-)


> dct05
Yes, most residents in Vancouver are good at decorating things with illuminations.

> sasabobo
You are right. Our brown eyes are tolerant to the sunlight, but the sunbeam in summer here is so strong that I can't live without sunglasses.


Minutes ago I drove around Downtown and took some pictures of illuminations. In this season in Vancouver, we can enjoy lots of illuminations here and there. Not only shopping malls, but also parks, cars, apartments, trees; everything which can be illuminated is illuminated. It's very beautiful. Sure there are lots of illuminations in Tokyo, but I prefer those of Vancouver because they are more elegant. Illuminations in Tokyo are too bright, just like the room lights. One of my Japanese friends living in Canada even said that the eyes of Canadians, especiallys Caucasian, are more sensitive than those of Japanese. I agree with his opinion. Most rooms in Vancouver I have visited were very dark in the night because of few lights, but no one complained about that. They have dinner and read books in a very dark room with only indirect lighting and candles. As my eyes are not so sensitive I envy them.


True. So, I'm afraid that the day would come when all human beings can see the colors of nature only from pictures or screens...

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