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December 11, 2005



This is the fuel vent under the left wing of the Cessna152. It is set so that the fuel can smoothly go down into the engine. In this season in Vancouver, the temperature sometimes goes down below zero degrees celsius in the night and the surface of the airplanes get frosted. The frosted control surface is very dangerous because it cannot create enough lift and it has to be defrosted before take-off. Defrosting work is bothersome because we have to spray an anti-freeze solution over the whole surface of the aircraft. If the temperature is not so low, we can omit the work by facing the wing towards the sunlight. Today this airplane was almost defrosted except for the fuel vent. Why does it remain frosted? I think the excess fuel dropping down from the tube vaporized, depriving the heat of vaporization and frosting the tube itself.

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