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December 18, 2005



What a great view that is!!
I've never seen the grand nature like that with my naked eyes.


As I mentioned before, flying to Mt. Baker was my dream after getting my license, but it came partially true today. Paul took me there in his Piper Worrier 2 today. He is a private pilot who graduated from my flight school this spring. Happily enough, the weather conditions were perfect, which is rare this season around Vancouver. We flew from Boundary Bay to and around Mt. Baker at 9,500 feet and came back. The mountain view from this altitude was nothing but spectacular. I couldn't help feeling a kind of fear when thinking that there are no people living in this vast mountain area, and I understood why we have to file a flight plan for search and rescue every time we fly. It is almost impossible to find a crashed, small airplane in such a huge area. Anyway, it was my first experience to fly in a low wing airplane, which is a little bit faster than the Cessna152 and I felt it more stable to control. I hope to fly as many times and as long as possible next year.

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