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December 05, 2005



I loved looking at your photographs. You have good skill, not only with the camera itself, but also in recognizing interesting scenes and subjects, and composing balanced pictures. Living on English Bay, you have much to photograph.
I too am living in the Lower Mainland, in Burnaby. For the most part, Burnaby isn't very photogenic, though there are parks that provide nice scenery for pictures.
I take a lot of photos as well, but I am limited by having cheap equipment. Do you use a 35mm? If so, what kind? If digital, what kind? My firt foray into the digital domain might be an Olympus SP-350, though I like the new Nikon D200 that just came available.
Good luck in your flying. I hope your buddy on the balcony inspires you. I too have birds on my balcony, but they are smaller songbirds, like chikadees, juncoes, and house sparrows. One chikadee is friendly enough to eat out of my hand, something I would like to photograph.


Tokoro de, here is a link to my MSN Spaces site, where you can see some photos taken by both me and my girlfriend: http://spaces.msn.com/members/Edo-no-Freddo/


He is a young seagull who was born this summer. The brown feathers implie that. he is now practicing flying over False Creek; he seems to be doing circuit training. He is not so good at flying, but his flight is much better than mine because he can do a precise landing onto only the 2 inch wide handrail of my balcony. He is not an enthusiastic pilot and often takes a rest on my balcony looking at my filthy room. I don't know exactly what he is thinking about while tilting his neck, but I feel a kind of sympathy for him. It's a great challenge for anyone to fly in the sky.

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