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December 02, 2005



I found a very strange article in the newspaper which says that a sexual offender has come out of jail and plans to live in Vancouver. The offender's name and photograph were published in the article, which seems to be very strange for us Japanese. Of course the sexual crime itself is a bad thing and he had to be punished, but he should have been punished in jail and therefore should have come out of jail a free man. Why is he still punished in the newspaper like this? Where is his fundamental human right? Anybody will commit the same offense if he is treated like this; surrounded with lots of cold eyes. I think that If he is still dangerous he should not be released in public and should be sent to a mental hospital or some other facility.


He should still be in jail or a psychiatric hospital. We seem to have a problematic justice system that releases people who are still dangerous back into the general populace. The police apparently felt he still posed a threat, so took the steps of having the papers warn the public about him.
I am unhappy with Canada's justice system as it seems to ignore trying to rehabilitate people before releasing them from jail, letting them out only to commit more crimes.
You are right: this warning should not appear in a newspaper. It is only due to the failure of our legal system that the police have resorted to issuing this warning.

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