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November 11, 2005



When I came to Vancouver, I was disgusted with the inaccuracy of the weather forecast. It is often inaccurate, almost every two days, that is to say, 50 percent of probability, and the five-day forecast is rather worse, which is just like fortune-telling. I can guess the reason for that; the weather in Vancouver frequently changes, there are a limited number of observation points covering the vast area, and so on. This is a weather chart called GFA which is for aviation use. It is rather precise and is updated more often than the general weather forecast because it is critical for pilots. I check this chart almost everyday these days. There are lots of unlucky symbols on it; The character "L" means low pressure, which is coming close to Vancouver, the red arrows like "R" indicate thunder showers, and "EMBD TCU" means embedded tower cumulus. I wish this forecast was inaccurate, as usual.

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