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November 21, 2005



"Wallace & Groumit" is one of my favorite English films. I bought this DVD at HMV in Downtown(used to be Virgin Records). It was priced at 2 for $30 as an X'mas sale and I got it with another DVD which is about Ray Charles. "Wallace & Groumit" is a clay animation in which all the characters are made of clay dolls and the production team make the picture frame by frame, gradually moving the clay characters. We can easily expect that it requires a very long time and a lot of patience to make just a few minutes of cuts. As a result of their effort, the art work looks very good. It has a kind of taste which the latest CG films do not have. For example, the texture of Wallace's cardigan and Groumit's skin have some burrs or finger prints. They are not defects but work to add a warm taste to the film. It is literally a handmade movie.

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