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November 16, 2005



My room is messy but very comfortable to live in. Everything I need is there; I can watch the TV or a DVD, I can play the ukulele, I can listen to music, I can enjoy the spectacular view through the window, and I can connect to the Internet as much as I want. I can go to bed which I think is the most pleasant bed in the world and I can take a hot shower whenever I want. Even free coffee is served although it is self-serve and not actually free. What else do I want? But a too comfortable environment does not always make for a good result. I can't decide what I should do first because there are too many things which draw my attention. I sometimes go to a cafe to do work or study because there are some restrictions there, which is not the case in my cozy room. If I had a book which I had to read, I would go into a cafe with only the book. I can concentrate on it because I can't do anything else except for reading it. I think this is the most popular reason for paying for an expensive cup of coffee in a cafe.

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