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November 15, 2005



After the strong wind last night, it was a beautiful, sunny Monday today. There were no clouds in the sky except for over North Vancouver. I drove to the airport with sunglasses. I think I have never worn sunglasses for months. After finishing the check ride with the class-one instructor, he pointed out a problem with my flying; that is, I have to trim the airplane to keep a constant altitude. It's a basic and important point. If I can trim successfully enough, I can get the PPL which I feel is very close. After coming back home, I went cycling to Stanley Park. It was rather cold in spite of the sunlight and I felt I couldn't ride a bicycle with only a T shirt any more. The shower after coming back from the cool cycling was very hot and pleasant. I went to a Malaysian restaurant and had a delicious and reasonable dish, and then went to a bookstore and stood there reading. I can do lots of things on a sunny day, but I'm afraid the weather is getting bad tomorrow. It was just a lull in the rain.

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