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November 09, 2005



When we walk around the Stanley Park seawall, we can see artificial yellow mountains on the opposite side of Burrurd inlet, in West Vancouver. They are sulfur mountains waiting to be shipped out to somewhere. Whenever I see the mountains I remember a stupid event I came across decades ago when I was a student. I was studying mineralogy in a laboratory where there were lots of mineral samples, including sulfur. One of my friends, who was an idiot, set fire to the natural sulfur on an ashtray with his cigarette. Of course the sulfur blazed intensely with poisonous smoke; sulfurous acid gas. There were several students in the locked room and we all nearly died of poisoning. I don't know why he did such a stupid thing, but this is my most impressive memory from university. Anyway, if these mountains caught fire, I think it would be very dangerous.

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