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November 20, 2005



Hey, nice blog. I especially love your photos, I also live in Vancouver!



I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm living in Vancouver and moving to Japan in a few months. I was trying to search google to find out the technical reasons for why Vancouver has had so much fog the past few days.


> Craig

As you might know, the week long fog is called "advection fog" or "sea fog" which is formed when a warm and damp airmass comes into a cold air area. Finally the fog has gone away but we are now under a series of low pressure system. What a "severe" weather we have in Vancouver!


It was a foggy day today from morning to night. I stayed in my room all day long and sometimes looked out of the window, but nothing could be seen except the fog. I heard some foghorns which were romantic in tone. Fog is quiet and it seems to be peaceful, however, it can be very dangerous for both sailors and aviators. In terms of aviation, there are clear rules which all pilots have to comply with. VFR(Visual Flight Rules) are effective only within the VFR minima and we can't fly if the weather is less than that. On the other hand, in the world of sailing, there is no such rule about weather. Sailors can sail whenever they think they are safe, even in a thick fog just like today's. Actually some sailboats went into the fog this morning. As I have sailed in a fog a few times, I know the feeling of sailing in a fog. We can see nothing except the boat cockpit. In a thick fog, we can't even see the sea water. It's a feeling just like floating in clouds. It is a complete white-out situation and we can't move anymore. Of couse there are some useful devices like rader and GPS, but they are not always reliable. I prefer staying at home to sailing in a fog.

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