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November 12, 2005



In the freezer compartment of my refrigerator, there is a tub of ice-cream. Whenever I like, I can scoop a spoonful of it and enjoy the sweet, cool and creamy taste. This is an eternal dream for little children and I had the same dream in my childhood. Now I am old enough and the dream has come true. Lots of people pursue dreams which cannot easily turn into reality, however, there are lots of little dreams which are easy to attain just like this ice-cream. Anyway, I like this so-called "Neapolitan" ice-cream which is made of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors, because the taste varies according to the angle and point of the spoon when I scoop it out. It is such a good taste that I can hardly stop at one scoop. I get this gallon of ice-cream almost every month, and I'm gradually getting fat. That is the only problem.

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