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November 28, 2005



As I mentioned before, I have a hotdog for breakfast or dinner almost every day. It's really an easy and good American menu item except for one problem. The problem is about the mathematics when we cook hotdogs ourselves. After some trials and errors I found this perfect combination of hotdog ingredients, but there is a problem when I shop and cook them. The sausage pack has 6 sausages in it, the hotdog buns are packed in 6, and the sliced cheddar cheese is made of 16 sheets of cheese. Alfalfa serves for 8 hotdogs and the consumption rate of ketchup, mustard and relish is 3:2:1. I have to consider the expiry date for each of the ingredients too. If we tried to cook hotdogs with no waste of all of the ingredients, the calculation becomes vast and it is much more difficult than the calculation for air fuel consumption.

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