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November 06, 2005



Does this picture look strange in color? I took it with my compact digital camera without any special setting. Of course the real view was different in color. The sky was not so blue. Is my camera out of order? No, it isn't . The reason for this strange color is known as "color temperature." Color temperature differs according to the light source and the temperature; the more red and the higher the temperature, the more blue the color temperature. Most traditional film is set to daylight color temperature and if we take a picture with it under an incandescent lamp, the picture looks red or orange. In terms of digital cameras, most of them have built in functions so that the color temperature or white balance is set automatically by an image processor. It is very easy and convenient because a film camera user had to correct the color temperature by choosing filters suitable for the color temperature of the object. In the case of my picture, the processor mistook the color temperature setting because of the strong light source of the roadside mercury lamp, but thanks to the malfunction, I could get this interesting picture.

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