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November 26, 2005



Ha! I had a flashback to my bachelor days when I read your post... I too remember "organizing" things for such events, only to be never able to find anything afterwards.


> oshawapilot

You said "a flashback to my bachelor days" and I guess you mean your room is now organized after your marriage, but I know a couple whose room is more messy than mine. Your wife must be great.


The other day I received a letter from the apartment manager which more or less upset me. It said that someone requires access to my room in order to check the fire alarm system. Oh my god! It means that I have to clean-up my super-filthy room by that time so that he or she won't be surprised to see the chaotic situation of my room. Last night I decided to finally start the clean-up project. I moved all the newspapers and fryers into the closet and all the documents and books onto the desk. Although I don't know where anything is my room looks organized.

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