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November 29, 2005



Lots of airplanes were waiting for their take-off turn on the taxi way. Out of the frame, I could see at least two airplanes approaching the runway to land and also at least three airplanes on the circuit. The airport where I usually take the flight lesson is said to be the third busiest airport in Canada. We are often cleared to land while the former airplane is still on the runway which is almost illegal or out of the regulations. The tower is so busy and is almost always talking with other airplanes so that it is difficult to catch and talk with him or her just on the timing on the radio. I heard that a private pilot from Europe missed his radio call and had to write a written explanation. Of course I don't want to write such a letter, but it could happen. As far as I know, there were at least two serious accidents here last year. An airplane crashed on the beach soon after tak-eoff from the runway towards the sea. The other airplane was forced to land on it's fuselage because of the malfunction of the landing gear. This airport is not only busy but also exciting.


I think this was the busiest day I've ever flown at Boundary Bay. My airplane is in the picture, I think I waited for over 20 minutes on the taxiway for a takeoff clearance! Just a quick touch-and-go at Langley and back to CZBB.


> Paul

Thanks for your comment. Your flight time should have been more than 1.2 hours. What an expensive touch & go! I think the "pre-starting-engine" check is important to save money in this airport.


The flight time was 56 minutes, but air time only 26 minutes because I had to wait on the taxiway so long! But that's ok, it's important to get the engine on my plane running and not let it sit too long without flying. If you have never been in a Piper Warrior, e-mail me and maybe we can meet at the airport sometime.

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