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November 18, 2005



This is my day-pack which I carry everyday when I go out. It has a special pocket for a bottle of water. Carrying a bottle of water is pretty common in Vancouver especially among young people, which I think is rare in Japan. Why do they carry a bottle of water in Vancouver? Of course they have no risk here of getting lost and dieing of lack of water in Canada, but it is rather difficult to get free water in the city. In Tokyo, we can have a drink of water for free almost anywhere; there are lots of cold water servers in public spaces like in the stations, in the banks, and in the park. On the other hand, in Vancouver we can't see these kind of machines, and most washrooms are for the customers only and are locked to anyone else. There are few vending machines which we can see every where in Japan. I think all these things are the biggest reason why Starbucks are so popular in Vancouver. If they felt thirsty and they had money, they would go into the cafe without question, however, if they had no money or they didn't want to spend money for just a drink of water, they would carry a bottle of water.

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