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October 19, 2005



This is the sky which I saw soon after waking up this morning. I was happy because the weather seemed to be good after the long rain. Anyway, when I was a high school student, I was taught that the word "twilight" originates from two lights, that is the sun and the moon. However, according to my dictionary, it means the faint light after the sun has gone down. If I believe my dictionary, this morning's sky was not twilight because it was not after the sun had gone down. Thinking about the origin, the former idea which I was taught in my school and had believed for years, seems more natural, but not only one dictionary says it is after the sun has gone down. I wonder which is the correct definition of twilight.


>I wonder which is the correct >definition of twilight.
I think so,too.
>the word "twilight" originates >from two lights, that is the sun >and the moon.
I have never heard this idea. but it is beautiful scene, isn't it?
However, how many people can see that? where are they living to be able to see that?
In Japan, we have two chances of seeing "twilight" in spring and autumn, we call "OHIGAN", we are so lucky.

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