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October 26, 2005


Ryohei Murata

Hello !I'm Ryohei Murata ,nice to meet you!I want to know how to make english blog.What site I go first ?Why don't you tell me an URL you recomend?TV news said that "WHO anounced this year new tipe of flu kill a milione peaple "Take care your health.Good bye!


It was fine today after a long period of cloudy and rainy days. The sky was just like the one in the summer season though the temperature was low. I took this picture from the driver's seat of my car driving to the airport. The aviation weather information is so precise that this sky condition is described as "FEW020 SCT050" which means there are few(1-2/8) clouds at 2000 feet and scattered(3-4/8) clouds at 5000 feet. Of course I could fly today and did some practicing for the coming flight test. I hope these good weather conditions continue for a few weeks.

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