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October 26, 2005



Just surfed on in from another pilot blog. What a great idea, I wonder if my local flight school will let me ride back seat?

How have you found the flight sim? Was it worth the investment?

Finished my ground school and hopefully starting flight training this spring.

If your ever in Nanaimo on the weekend feel free to stop by the far south hanger and say hi. It's where the EAA boys hang out... I'm the new kid on the block.


> Lawrence

Thanks for your comments. I don't think flight sim is good for student pilots before first solo because the feeling of the controler is so different from the real airplane. I recommend you to try the flight sim in order to prctice the flight procedures after finishing your first solo.

I have landed CYCD just once with my instructor. It was a nice and calm airport. When I visit there again after I got the license, I am looking forward to seeing you.


Most of the students in my flight school are aiming to be professional pilots and they are flying to get an upper class license or rating such as a commercial license, an ATP license, multi IFR rating, instructor rating, and so on. There are always several students flying in my school and if I ask them for a ride in their back seat, they would accept me in most cases. This is a good way to learn flying because watching their procedure helps me a lot and it doesn't cost any money. The only one problem is that they are not always good pilots because they are students. I know a man who was getting a ride in the back seat almost every day and one day the airplane crashed into a valley. Fortunately he was only slightly injured and came back alive. Actually a small airplane accident occurs every two weeks in Canada. If I crash by myself, it would be more acceptable because it is my responsibility, but I don't like to be involved in other pilot's in the back seat.

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