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October 12, 2005



Yesterday afternoon, I cycled to Stanley Park after a long break which was almost one month long. It was the clear blue sky which I had been longing for for a long time and fortunately or unfortunately I had no booking for the flight lesson. While I was away from the park, the season has completely changed; the leaves have gotten yellowish, the air was rather cold, and my breath looked white. It was perfect autumn scenery. Owing to the long period of rain, the forest looked more vivid and the air was so pleasant that I couldn't help smiling when I took a deep breath. Sure the season has changed, but many other things were still there without changing; seagulls were taking a rest on the beach, the ducks were eating something on the lakeside, people were enjoying cycling, rollerblading and jogging. In this perfectly peaceful situation, I lay down on a bench facing English Bay and took a nap listening to piano music from a headphone. I was like in heaven.

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