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October 05, 2005




I discovered by chance your pictures from Vancouver. They are really beautiful. I went in Vancouver last summer. Your pictures are as I remember this fascinating city. Thank you very much.

NB : sorry for my english. I am french from France. I am living in Montreal.


I sometimes have Katsu Don, a bowl of fried pork with egg and onion on rice, in a Japanese restaurant on Broadway where all kinds of bowl menu items are served at 40% off the regular price after 7 pm. Although it looks delicious, it isn't so delicious, as it's a little bit too sweet because they seem to use sugar instead of mirin, Japanese seasoning, and they don't use fish-based soup stock. However when I wish to have Katsu Don I usually visit this restaurant as a kind of compromise. Unfortunately the dish served tonight was so sweet that I had to use lots of Shichimi, Japanese spicy flavoring, to be able to eat it at all. As I had too much Shichimi and sugar, I felt bad for a while after the dinner. I miss real Japanese Katsu Don.

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