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October 21, 2005



Yep! IKEA is opening in Chiba next spring and in Kanagawa next autumn!!
When I lived in Seattle, IKEA was one of my favorite places to visit.
One of IKEA's good points is affordability.
I hope IKEAs in Japan will have it.


> dct05

Thanks for your commnet. As you know IKEA needs huge space which is difficult to get in Japan. I think that's the reason why they have come into Japan. I wonder they could keep their reasonable price in Japan too.


IKEA is a very popular Swedish furniture store which is now running all over the world including Canada. It was almost three years ago that I came to Vancouver and visited this store for the first time. I bought the minimum list of furniture there which I needed to start my new life in Vancouver. I bought a bed, a desk, a chair, and a bookshelf. While I have been living in Vancouver, the number of books have been increasing and finally the bookshelf got full. The excessive books were piled here and there on the floor, and my room was getting nothing but messy. I decided to get a new bookshelf but I wondered if the same type of bookshelf was still sold because it is quite natural in Japan that every product goes through model changes in a short space of time. I was happy when last night I found just the same type of bookshelf in the store. I think it is very important for the maker of daily necessities like furniture or stationery to keep selling just the same type of products for a long time without changing models, because those products are supposed to be used for a long time and replacement is sometimes required. I heard IKEA is going into Japan next spring. I hope this style of business goes well and takes root in Japan where model changes take place almost every week!

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