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October 04, 2005



I've finally finished the 150 nautical mile long cross-country flight. The weather was not so good, but better than these past few days. I had a booking of a Cessna from 4 pm, but I could luckily depart one hour earlier because another Cessna was canceled. Sunset is about 6:45 in Vancouver now, and I wanted to have more than three hours for this flight. I flew to Hope City east of Chilliwack, which was of course my first visit. I planned to fly at 5,500 feet but I couldn't because of the clouds and I had to fly at about 2,500 feet. I was worried about turning over the small city because I knew it was surrounded by mountains and I had to make a slightly steep turn. Making a steep turn at this altitude is a little bit dangerous, especially for us student pilots. Then I did it and landed at Chilliwak for 10 minutes to take a rest. The second leg was to Pit Meadows where I have made a lot of touch and goes, but I have never made a full stop. There was no problem except for the radio device at Pit Meadows. The radio usually goes wrong somehow around Pit Meadows. Maybe there is some kind of radio interference because the frequency at Pit Meadows is just 120.00MHz. Pit Meadows was a peaceful airport and I had a very good impression of the airport. After taking a 10 minute rest at Pit Meadows, I started the last leg to Abbotsford. Flying over Langley airport at 2,000 feet, I made one touch and go at Abbotsford and came back to Boundary Bay. It was a 2.8 hour flight in total and I finished it. All I have to do is prepare for the flight test and the written exam. I hope to finish all these things this month.

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