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October 06, 2005



This is a story in which my American friend was very interested when we were talking about types of women. He likes Japanese women so much that he is going to marry one of them in the near future, and he said to me that Japanese women are the best in the world. I asked him what he thinks about American women. His answer was that there are lots of races and some are good but the others are not, but the Japanese consist of one race which is very nice. Then I told him this story which I read several years ago. In ancient times, the island of Japan was not an island, it was connected to the continent at the northern part and the southern part. Our ancestors came into Japan both from the north and the south. The former group had long faces, single-edged eyelids, and straight noses with a white skin. On the other hand, the latter group had the opposite; round faces, double-edged eyelids, and button noses with a dark skin. Most Japanese people now are the mixture of these two kinds of blood and the ratio of the blood determines the type of Japanese or Japanese women. In my personal opinion, 60% of the northern and 40% of the southern race is the best blend. He was so interested in this theory that I taught him a special method to distinguish this ratio. The stickiness of the ear wax indicates whether they are more northern or southern. That is to say that the southern people have sticky ear wax while the northern people have dusty ear dust. What I have to say at the end of this story is that this is purely scientific data and I have no intention of race discrimination or anything else.


Thanks for providing this iitarmofnon.There is evidence of healing work on the hand, ears and feet throughout ancient cultures around the globe. A 5,000 year old tomb Egyptian physician’s tomb contains a 6 panel series of medical procedures including: childbirth, embalming, circumcision, pharmacology, dentistry and work on the hands, feet and arm pit. The pictograph shows the feet, hands and armpits being touched and has an inscription that reads, “Don’t hurt me” and “I shall do as you so praise me.”Again thanks a lot.:)

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