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October 31, 2005



Most cameras, whether digital or film, have a symbol of a tulip flower on them. I don't know who decided that it is the symbol for the close-up mode. When we choose the tulip symbol and take a picture, the focus is set to very near and we can get a close-up photo. In this mode, the depth of field is set to very shallow and we can get a blurry background image. By using a close focus and a blurry background, we can sometimes get unexpected, vivid, close-up pictures. I took this picture of a fern in Stanley Park while cycling. It was just a fern but by only getting close up to it, I could get this beautiful shot. Of course I have no special macro lense or lighting system. I just used a compact digital camera in the macro mode. Anyway, there are a lot of people around me who don't know what the tulip symbol on their camera means. One of my friends, who has a very good digital camera, believed that she could take a vivid picture with the tulip symbol on, and she always took pictures with the tulip symbol. Of course her pictures were always out of focus.

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