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October 24, 2005



I don't like to say I'm busy, but actually I'm busy. Busy preparing for the flight test, busy replying to some mail, and busy writing a newsletter for my business. It's now 1:40 after midnight in Vancouver and I'm to take a pre-flight test with the chief instructor this afternoon by which time I have to make a flight plan to Hope and Victoria. I have to remember some numbers of the Cessna 152 speed limitation such as VSO=35kt, VS=40kt, Vx=55kt, Vy=67kt, Vfe=85kt, Va@1350LBS=93, Va@1500LBS=98, Va@1670=104kt, Vno=111kt, and Vne=149kt. Oh, I'm tired and sleepy. To go to bed or not is the problem.

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