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October 22, 2005



The idiom is "in any case" not "in all cases." Don't ask me why.


> Aviatrix

Thank you for your advice. Although my dictionary says that "in any case", "in every case", "in all cases", and "in either case" are possible, I'll take your advice in any case.


Bounce is a sheet of paper saturated with softener for clothes. We use it in the dryer when we dry our washed and soaked clothes. It is almost indispensable for drying wet clothes, because without it the dried clothes would be too stiff. Anyway, I bought this box of Bounce which had 80 sheets when I came to Vancouver three years ago, and today I found that there is only one sheet of Bounce left in the box. That is to say I have washed clothes 79 times in Vancouver. As I put on a wash almost once a week, I have therefore lived here for more than 79 weeks. It's a long time and I wonder how many more weeks I will stay here. No one knows where I will be next year. In any case I have to get another box of Bounce.

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