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October 30, 2005



Wow, that picture brings back memories of Vancouver for me. I've been there several times (The latest being last summer for 2 weeks), and actually have a friend who used to live here in Ontario with me that lives there now.

Beautifull city with a great laid back vibe - if I didn't have so many personal, family, and business ties here in the Toronto area I would seriously consider packing up the familly and moving there.


> oshawapilot

Thank you for your comment. As all my friends who have visited or lived in Toronto say that Vancouver is better, I've lost my desire to visit Toronto. Is Toronto such a terrible city? Anyway, I read your blog and found that you are a student pilot very close to the flight test. Good luck!


This is a photo from Denman street in Downtown Vancouver looking towards the north. At the end of this street, over Burrard inlet, and under the cumulus cloud, is North and West Vancouver. It is connected to Downtown via the Lions Gate bridge. Most of the residents there are old, rich people who are living a quiet life in a huge mansion surrounded by the sea and the mountains. It seems to be a very good place to live except for two problems. One is the weather and the other are the nights. Because of the high mountains, lots of clouds are produced and they have more cloudy days than in Downtown. The nightime in North and West Vancouver comes very early because old people go to bed early at nights around the world. I was once surprised when I visited the city about 9 pm in the summer season. It was before sunset but most of the stores were closed and it felt like a ghost town.


Toronto is a very multicultural city that tends to be a great deal more "fast-paced" compared to Vancouver.

It's not as visually stunning as Vancouver as we simply do not have the natural scenery that Vancouver is blessed with, but we do have alot of positives.

It tends to earn a bad review from alot of westerners based on the fact that they think we feel that the rest of the country "revolves" around us. :-)

In reality, Toronto is a great city, and we are not as "stuck up" as some may suggest - check it out sometime, regardless of the reviews. There is a very large Chinese/Japanese multicultural community here, and you may find yourself feeling right at home!


No matter east or west I love vancouver. And I thank God that I had a chance to visit it.


Phnnemoeal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

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