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October 23, 2005



Hi mochi. I came from mixi. I also write my blog in English, and the person who gave me the chance is you. I also read your blog everyday. Thank you for your effort and giving the chance.


When I was flying solo in the usual practice area, I did a power on stall with full throttle. The airplane could not easily stall with full power and we had to fly an extreme nose-up position. It's scary because we feel like we're flying vertically and we can't see anything but the sky. When the airplane stalls, the nose and each of the wings drops abruptly, and the view through the windshield suddenly changes from the sky to the ground. If we fail the recovery procedure for power on stall, we will go into a spiral dive which is so dangerous that we student pilots are prohibited from doing it in Canada. As I was afraid of a spiral dive, I had never done a power on stall but today I did it. The recovery was not so good but fortunately I could return to home ground with slightly increased confidence.

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