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September 22, 2005



Do you think someone broke into my room? No, it's only filthy. My room is usually filthy and it is now ultimately filthy for some reason. I had back pain last week and couldn't clean my room at all, but it doesn't explain everything because I have had no back pain for a couple of days. The more filthy, the less comfortable. This law is usually true, but when the filthiness surpasses a certain level the opposite rule applies; the more filthy the room, the more cozy and the more comfortable. My room has surpassed this level and it is very cozy. Do you agree with this idea? If you do, your room must be dirty like mine. Anyway I don't care about my room. That's a small problem, but my large problem is that my brain is in a state of disorder with a lot of to-do things, just like my room.

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