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September 04, 2005



This long weekend, I went to Seattle over the border. As it was Labor Day, Highway 99 was very congested especially in front of the border gate and I had to waste about an hour to get through. This picture is the one which I took minutes before entering the U.S. This man was selling ice-cream on the road between car lanes. On the lawn beside the road, there were some people playing Frisbee waiting for the immigration procedure. They looked like they were waiting for a popular attraction in a playland. There was no nervous atmosphere around the customs and I thought that all those procedures at the customs were meaningless. The border between Canada and the United States is so long that if anyone tried to cross it secretly it would be easy. In fact I often enter the United States without my passport when I fly a Cessna or sail a boat. It must be easier for some guys who are thinking about doing something illegal to enter the United States. I think the customs procedures are only annoying quite a few good people like me and don't work as a filter for bad guys.

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