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September 13, 2005



This morning I still had backache and it was hard even to get up. My friend recommended me a book whose title is "Healing Back Pain" written by John E. Sarno, a professor at New York University. I drove to Chapters in Downtown and got the book and read it roughly for an hour on my bed. Of course I have not understood all of the contents, but what I gather from the book is that backache is a kind of mental problem rather than a physical one. From my hard experience about my backache last year, I agree with this theory. There was no obvious symptom in my back, however the pain was terrible and unbearable. It was not in my back but in my mind where the cause of the pain was situated. Sure this theory is not a brand-new idea because an old Japanese proverb says "worry is often the cause of illness", but at least I could recognize the importance of mind against body because of this book. Fortunately I've almost recovered from the backache mind.


I'm glad to hear that you've almost recoverd.I believe "There is nothing that wastes the body like worry."


> hiro

Of course worry is not the only cause of pain, but it can affect pain much more than we consider.

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